Soft Flame vs. Torch Lighter

Soft Flame vs. Torch Lighter

Cigar smokers like to have options. Here at 9cigars, it is pretty obvious that we like to have at least nine (for cigars that is). You have options in the way you light your stogies too, and besides all the various ways you can light a cigar, a lot of enthusiasts like to leave it up to a good lighter. So what are the differences and similarities, pros and cons, of lighting a cigar with a soft flame or a torch? Let’s dive in.

The Soft Flame

For starters the soft flame does not burn as hot as the torch, something that we have addressed before in regards to cedar spills. Bottom line is the cooler the flame, the cooler the smoke will be. Smoking cigars is already cool, and smoking cigars that don’t burn the crap out of the roof of your mouth is even cooler. The benefit of the soft flame over the torch essentially ends there; it is less accurate and does not work well outdoors.

Although the application of the soft flame is best left indoors, we still think that it should be part of every experienced cigar smoker’s collection not only because of the sheer classiness of the device, but its utility. What it lacks in accuracy in terms of things like touch-ups or bad burns it makes up for in terms of getting a gentle light and not overheating the foot. Another thing to remember about the soft flame is that its inaccuracy can creep up the side of the cigar and burn the surrounding wrapper by the foot.

The Torch

Besides accidentally lighting one of these things in your pocket, there is not a whole lot not to love about a torch lighter. If you had to choose either the torch or the soft flame lighter, the easy choice would be the torch. Not only does it kick ass outdoors, but it is good for indoor use too. The flame is accurate 100 percent of the time and is also the ideal tool for precision touch-ups. Because the torch lighters are so hot some smokers can actually end up over toasting or scorching their cigars. To avoid this, simply keep the flame off of the foot and stick to lighting it up slowly.

And the Winner is…

When it comes to versatility and function, the torch lighter takes the cake for indoor or outdoor environments. The soft flame does have its benefit of enabling a cooler smoke, but if you are going to invest in a lighter why not just get one that works everywhere?  When both used correctly, they do the same thing identically. It all comes down to where you are, how you light, and of course… how cool you look doing it.

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  1. Keith

    If the winds not an issue, a soft flame gas lighter or stick matches are my preferred lights. I have torches waiting in the wings as well.

    • 9cigars

      Good call, Keith.

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