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Stratosphere High Altitude Lighter by Xikar


Stratosphere High Altitude Lighter by Xikar

Price: $30

Where To Buy: Online & Select Retailers

Who It's For: Cigar smokers who love extreme conditions.

The problem with traditional butane lighters is that they don’t often work in high elevations. For smokers who like to light up before cruising down a double black diamond or while enjoying a mile-high view this means the anticipation of smoking a great cigar will remain just that – anticipation. This is why Xikar developed the Stratosphere High Altitude Lighter. It comes with a high altitude turbo flame torch that will light on the top of any mountain or anywhere else for that matter.

The Stratosphere High Altitude Lighter features a super-rugged, rubberized body and a convenient lanyard for the outdoorsman or woman in your life. This is the perfect lighter for someone who needs a light in the most extreme of conditions or for the smoker who gets enjoyment out of enjoying a stogie while cruising up the ski lift.

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