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Malletier Chinese Lacquer Ligne 2 Lighter


Malletier Chinese Lacquer Ligne 2 Lighter

Price: $1,200 to $1,500

Where To Buy: Finer brick-and-mortar and online retailers

Who It's For: The passionate cigar enthusiast who has an eye for style, elegance and fine tuning.

For those of you who want the coolest flame and the classiest device this S.T. Dupont Malletier lighter is the perfect stocking stuffer. Enthused by malletier (trunk making) heritage, the lighter is adorned with black Chinese lacquer and palladium finishes giving it that classic look with modern functionality. The design was inspired by corners, screws and closing systems found on trunks and travel systems. The flame is adjustable and ignites via a dual action system with a flip top and timeless flint roller. This pocket sized lighter is made in France and is engraved with the S.T. Dupont logo with its own serial number.

You’ll know this is a true S.T. Dupont lighter when it makes the distinct “cling” sound upon opening.

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