Up in Smoke with 9cigars Halloween Recommendations


It’s Halloween again! And you know what that means, it’s fall and time for sugar and spice and everything nice! Everything nice being cigar blends with powerful fall-inspired pepper and spice balances that are appropriate for this time of year.

So dawn your Freddy Kruger mask, grab one of these nine Halloween cigars, and enjoy being the badass that you are this Halloween.

Asylum 13

Ranging very high on the strength profile, the Asylum 13 cigar is a true Nicaraguan puro. Its dark wrapper masks the slow burning Cuban seed filler grown in the hellish black volcanic soils of Nicaragua. Expect notes of spice and nuts accompanied by hints of dark chocolate and leather.


Illusione cigars are known to be some of the cleanest, boldest, strong and aromatic cigars coming out of Honduras. The cigars are actually comprised of Nicaraguan puros and are enveloped in grade one Café Colorado wrappers. Look for the thick black and white band with gothic lettering on one of the many creepy cigars coming out of this one of a kind shop.

Tatuaje Monster Series

Jason from Friday the 13th is back in a big way with the Tatuaje Monster Series cigars. One of the cigars in this series was shipped in a specially made Jason cigar coffin. The special blend is made up of a Connecticut broad leaf wrapper covering a Nicaraguan double binder and filler.

Feral Flying Pig

The only thing scarier than a flying pig is a feral flying pig. This cigar is one of the most full bodied stogies you will ever smoke, and its strength and flavor is expressed in hints of what connoisseurs regard as spicy yet creamy, woody and earthy, yet with a sweetness that only a pig can offer.

Surrogates Skull Breaker

The only thing about this cigar that isn’t scary is its MSRP ($7.50); meanwhile this dark smoke looks like something that would come in a rifle bullet box. Earthy and sweet, this Nicaraguan beast also features chocolaty tones and base flavors of leather, black pepper and espresso. Look for the cool black bands with a red skull and wake up the devil inside you.

Edgar Hoill OSOK

The OSOK, or “one shot one kill” line of cigars by Edgar Hoill are best known for their cool infusion of gory images on the bands which have been regarded as haunting realities of everyday life. The one shot one kill refers to Hoill’s expertise with the camera and his ability to capture the meaning of his subjects in a single round. The cigars themselves reflect Hoill’s passion, and the all-Nicaraguan puros tame the palate with bold flavors and spicy notes loved by monsters everywhere.

Asylum Straight Jacket

Blended with 100 percent pure Nicaraguan filers, this cigar is heavily accented by its red, black and white metallic band of a straight jacket. Before lighting take in the tastes of sweet, lemony citrus, then enjoy earthlike flavors, and cocoa and red pepper spices as you light it up.

La Flor Dominicana Mysterio Oscuro

One of the coolest looking cigars on the market, the La Flor Dominicana Mysterio Oscuro has a two-tone wrapper that varies in color on the foot and on the head. Pre-lit, the attractive wrapper features smells of cedar and floral notes while some describe the foot as more chocolaty and nutty. When lit, the cigar displays notes of chocolate again, met with leather and spice combinations.

Foundry Cigars Cayley

Sometimes the only thing that is scary about cigars is their appearance. Whether you think the Cayley is a work of art or downright creepy, this cigar is undoubtedly one of the most unique smokes you will ever see. Somewhat baseball bat-like in shape, the odd appearance makes one think it would burn uneven. Smokers will be pleased that it burns quite evenly and features a complexity and flavor that is distinct as its appearance. With tones of cedar, cinnamon, oak, leather and black tea, this cigar provides its host with a scary good time they are not likely to forget.

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