Cellophane and Cigars

Cellophane and Cigars

The argument of “Keep it on, keep it off” with cellophane has been around since Cloris Leachman. The fact of the matter is like always… it depends. We all know that cellophane is used to protect a cigar’s wrapper from harm, but what happens when your cigars are safely stowed away in your humidor? Are they still at risk and are the wrappers as vulnerable? What about flavor transfer and aging?

Leachman was once in a movie short called “Happy Ending” (not what you think you pervert, she’s in her 80’s) and that is exactly what we are going to give you with the following knowledge. Read on to learn more about keeping the cellophane on or off your cigars.

Aging Your Cigars

If you are looking to age your cigars so that they exhibit a certain character or flavor you might take note that cellophane will hinder this maturation process. Cellophane does allow a small breathing element but will generally slow the natural aging process of your cigars. If you are going to be smoking your cigars in a matter of weeks then leaving the cellophane on won’t matter much anyhow. However, should you wish to allow your cigars to age finer than Lindsay Lohan after her Disney years (and before her questionable ones) you might want to consider undressing them now.

Handling Your Cigars

It goes without saying that if you have a humidor and a collection of cigars it is likely that you’ll check on your cigars more frequently than Frodo Baggins and his Ring. It’s exciting, it’s fun, and eyeing and smelling your cigars gets you in the mood to smoke what’s soon to come. But there is a limit to the fondling of your “precious” and over handling cigars can result in an adverse effect on the wrapper. If you are the type of person who likes to handle their cigars on the regular consider keeping the cellophane on them to ensure you will not hinder their gratuity.

Flavor Transfer

Cigars are known to absorb conditions from their environment; take the aromas from the humidor’s wood interior for example. Some enthusiasts will go so far as to say that cigars can also transfer flavors or aromas from other cigars in their environment. One solution to this problem is to have different humidors for different types of cigars. The other option is simpler: leave them in the cellophane.

Cigar Transportation

It turns out that most people smoke cigars away from the confines of their humidor. This means transportation is a factor and leaves cigars more susceptible to damage. Even with a travel case or cigar tube your cigar is vulnerable to external elements. While cellophane is not the most bulletproof material in the world it will save you some of the frustration that might occur from a cigar damaged in transport.

Learn more about transporting your cigars.

What’s the Final Word?

Should you leave cellophane on or off? In many instances leaving the cellophane on is a good idea and in others taking it off makes more sense. Will you be aging this cigar and not messing with it? Best to keep it off as it will allow the moisture to absorb easier. Opening and closing the humidor to grab a stick daily? Keep it on, it holds moisture in and reduces the fluctuation of humidity of the cigar. Transporting your cigars frequently without cigar cases? Leave it on. Still confused? Read this blog again (j/k).

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