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Cellophane and Cigars

The argument of “Keep it on, keep it off” with cellophane has been around since Cloris Leachman. The fact of the matter is like always… it depends. We all know that cellophane is used to protect a cigar’s wrapper from harm, but what happens when your cigars are safely stowed away in your humidor? Are [...]

How to Keep an Even Burn with 9cigars

  As any cigar enthusiast knows, even the most premium cigars can have their rare defects. Although every good cigar manufacturer fully intends to deliver consistency throughout their process, every once in a while the intended perfection falls short due to miscellaneous faults in the rolling process or even because of human error. Most commonly, [...]

The Art of Smoking Cigars in the Car

Let us assume for a moment that you are able to do two things at once; those two things being driving your finely tuned automobile while smoking your finely wrapped cigar. Smoking a cigar while driving is not for everyone, but for others there is nothing more pleasurable than driving down Route 66 while mercilessly [...]

Soft Flame vs. Torch Lighter

Cigar smokers like to have options. Here at 9cigars, it is pretty obvious that we like to have at least nine (for cigars that is). You have options in the way you light your stogies too, and besides all the various ways you can light a cigar, a lot of enthusiasts like to leave it [...]

How to Light a Cigar Infographic

Get lit the right way with this 9cigars How to Light a Cigar Infographic. To embed this graphic on your website, please see the easy embed code at the bottom of the graphic. Enjoy! Share this Image On Your Site Please include attribution to with this graphic. Please include attribution to with this [...]

How to Light a Cigar

  Most things involving cigars are made better with the knowledge of why certain methods are done certain ways. There are specific ways to cut cigars, proper ways to smoke them, and of course, proper or preferred ways of lighting them. This is not to say you can’t just grab any old lighter and smoke [...]

Dos and Don’ts of Lighting Your Cigar with Matches

  It is fairly well known in the cigar smoking world that a butane lighter is the optimal choice for lighting a cigar. Butane is odorless, is tasteless, and the things that it lacks are exactly the things that make it the most pure choice for smoking something that is all about taste. However, there [...]

How to Cut a Cigar

How to Cut a Cigar

  The simple act of cutting a cigar cannot be summed up quickly nor effortlessly. Fact is, cutting a cigar is a matter of utility, not preference. There are different cuts for different shapes and sizes of cigars which means there is no true one-size-fits-all method. It can be said that a straight cut could [...]