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Let’s say that you are the proud new owner of a box of cigars that you are dying to take on your skiing trip up to the Rockies. Being the savvy cigar smoker that you are you know better than to throw them in your suitcase with minimal protection from the elements. And just like that new weave you bought for your lady friend, you know that a cigar’s worst enemy is fluctuations in humidity.

A Word about Humidity

Humidors are designed to maintain a cigar at an optimal humidity range of 68 to 72 percent at room temperature. To maintain this ideal level, a humidor works to add or remove moisture to keep your cigars aging properly. Improper fluctuations in humidity can rob a cigar of its character and flavor and can also create an environment that harbors mold, mildew and bacteria. Unless you want to create yogurt, it is important to transport your cigars properly so that the savory flavors you experience fresh out of the humidor or at your local cigar bar can be mimicked while you are relaxing and enjoying your mile high view.

Below are nine ways to transport your cigars that are ideal for any smoking enthusiast.

1.)  Full Humidor

The most ideal way to transport cigars is with a full humidor. This will ensure that your cigars are stored at the most ideal temperature and their humidity levels are maintained for optimum character. However, most travelers, and particularly those on airlines, will find that this may not be their best option in terms of size and weight. A full humidor may just likely be the best transportation option for road trips or travels that don’t require approval from Marsha at baggage check-in.

2.)  Travel Humidors

When a full humidor just won’t do your next option is the travel humidor. Made specifically for travelers, these humidors are airtight, watertight and crush-proof to safeguard your babies from anything nature, or the awesome team of baggage handlers, throws at you (literally). These travel humidors can limit the amount of cigars you are able to carry however, with most ranging from a capacity of five Churchills to a max of 25 cigars.

3.)  Cigar Tubes

A safe and simple way to store cigars that will be smoked within the same day or so, cigar tubes provide a tight weather-proof seal that, like the travel humidor, is also crush-proof. These travel companions do not contain any humidification features and are recommended for convenient transportation but not prolonged storage.

4.)  Tubo Cigars

Tubo cigars are those nifty little cigars that come prepackaged in something of a cigar tube. The tubo should be regarded as having the same functionality of a cigar tube in that the tube is meant more for protection from physical damage and not for long-term storage. If you purchase a tubo style cigar, plan on smoking it a few days after you buy it. If you plan on storing it, remove it from the tubo and place it in a humidor.

5.)  Ziploc Package with a Boveda Humidipak

The brand Boveda makes an awesome portable humidor that is essentially a must-have for the passionate smoker. This bag, simply called the Boveda Humidor Bag, features 2-way humidity control that adds or removes moisture as necessary to maintain 69 percent relative humidity. Combine one of these bad boys with one of our hand selected cigars and you have yourself a nice little transportation package that keeps your cigars fresh for up to six months without a humidor.

6.)  Leather Cigar Cases/Sleeves

For the classy wanderer, check out leather cigar travel humidors. These finely accented cases enclose about two dozen cigars and are handsomely adorned in leather. Inside the case, generally made of cedar, you will find ample room to store your 9Cigars smokes with the satisfaction of knowing the humidifier will keep your cigars fresh.

7.)  Sealed Bag with Impromptu Humidity Pack

When you are out the door, headed to the airport and just don’t have time to grab a more suitable transportation mechanism, try this impromptu method. All you need to rock this setup is a sealed bag and some form of humidity control inside (like a folded up napkin or paper towel). This will only last like a week, but we know you’ll be smoking your stogies way before that anyway.

8.)  Cellophane

Many cigars are sold with the cellophane protective layer still on. If you are transporting your cigars and don’t have any access to any of the above, leaving this layer on will help some. Cellophane should not be regarded as a preserving layer, but it will slow down de-humidification and protect the wrapper more so than just a naked cigar.

9.)  Front Jacket Pocket or Mouth

When you are excited that your long day of shredding Aspen’s toughest slopes is finally coming to its end, why not put your reward on display for all the snow bunnies (or snowmen, ladies) to see. Place your prized possession in your front jacket pocket or pop that sucker in your mouth and build up the anticipation of smoking it after a day well done. When you get to the base, light that bad-boy up, invite the ladies of the ski patrol (or men, ladies) back to the hot tub and share your newfound cigar transportation knowledge to your new friends.

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