9 Things to Remember in a Cigar Bar

Cigar Bar


If you are new to the cigar scene and are unfamiliar with the dynamic and social settings of a gentlemen’s (or woman’s) cigar bar and lounge this article is for you. Conversely, if you think you are familiar with the happenings and social dynamics of a cigar bar you might get a good laugh as the ‘do not’s’ on this list might be something you see all too much of.

Without further ado, here are nine things to keep in mind when you are kicking back and enjoying yourself at your local cigar lounge.

1. Mind your ash

You have probably picked up somewhere that a good cigar will create a stiff ash of up to two to three inches. Unbeknownst to many, the quality of your cigar is not affected by the length of the ash so it is not your obligation to maintain an ash that could rival a witch’s broomstick. Good etiquette would to be aware of where ashtrays are at all times. Ash on the floor, on your blazer and in the chair is not going to make you any friends. Not good ones at least.

2. Restrict your conversation to your party

A cigar lounge is a place where patrons come to kick back and relax after a long day of work, not be badgered with loud jabbering. As funny of a guy that you might be, it is not likely that the lounge patrons want to hear your latest ‘who’s on first’ rendition. While socializing with the other patrons is acceptable, inside voices are greatly appreciated.

3. Keep it classy

Keeping it classy can cover many facets of cigar etiquette. In regards to clothing, your Sunday’s best are not required but you should probably change out of the “I just cut my grass” attire before entering the lounge. Dress codes at cigar bars are not generally enforced, but the unspoken laws of properly groomed and well-dressed men and women make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

4. Strive for intelligent discussion

It is a commonly known fact that people who smoke cigars are of above average intelligence. Or maybe it is just that smoking makes you sit still long enough to get deep in thought. Being the smart individuals that we are, we know that conversations of religion, politics or income are not the most ideal topics amongst friends or strangers.  As intelligently as those topics can be discussed, they tend to bring out the worst in people.

5. Don’t block the tube

Most cigar bars have one or more televisions scattered around the joint. This is often a focal point for the patrons who go to watch sports, the news, or whatever entertainment is on the tube. The only rule with the TV… don’t block it. Be mindful of others and try not to prevent your fellow patrons’ pleasurable viewing experiences.

6. Leave the smoke/drinks in the lounge

One of the coolest things about the cigar bar is actually being able to smoke indoors. However, most lounges keep their selection of cigars in a closed humidor room and do not welcome your smoke in that particular area. NEVER walk into the humidor with a cigar or beverage. The smoke from your stick can alter the flavor of aging cigars and accidentally spilling your drink could mean you might be responsible for some cigars you did not plan on buying.

7. Be mindful of the ladies

Understanding that most cigar lounges are predominately male it is easy to get into conversations that don’t take into consideration members of the opposite sex. When you are at the cigar lounge be aware of who is around and understand that ladies should not feel uncomfortable or excluded from the social environment. Do your best to maintain appropriate conversation when the fairer sex is around and include them in conversation.

8. Never bring your own cigars

Brining your own cigar to a cigar lounge is like bringing a cooler full of beer to the bar. Not only is it rude but it is downright silly. With the exception of clubs that allow members to bring their own cigars, stay classy and leave your cigars at home.

9. Take your calls outside

Although we are all proud that you are the next Gordon Gekko, holding your phone call in the cigar bar is adolescent. The patrons of a cigar bar come to relax and enjoy each other’s company, not listen to you tell the dude on the other line that ‘greed is good.’

Your Turn

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  1. Avin

    #10: Bring your own lighter!

  2. ur plumber

    Do not brag about how cheap the cigars are from your favorite internet site… one of the privileges of using a beautiful lounge allowed to customers who patronize this establishment. Conversations that glorify internet sales, which do not pay the high sales taxes of your particular state, only detract from the cigar lounge’s ability to sale premium cigars while providing said lounge to enjoy them at!

    • 9cigars

      We completely agree with this. Dance with the one that brought you!

  3. John Maguire

    Don’t be a cigar band snob. People don’t have the same tastes or price range for that matter. If you smoke a $20 cigar and the person next to you smokes a $8 cigar. Your not better then them. Your both enjoying a premium cigar. Nothing ruins a nice cigar faster than a jerk.

    • 9cigars

      100% right, John. We think it’s time to push the cigar elitists out (or at least quite them down a bit).

      • Neil

        I agree with this. I have come to find that a higher price does not guarantee a higher quality cigar.

    • Juan Barreda

      Price has nothing to do with being able to select a great cigar, to a certain extent that is. Some $8 cigars are far better than $12 cigars, not all but most, today the level of quality has gone backwards, greater demand and less aging, and a flood of cigar newbies. I use to smoke $4 cigars in the 80′s, they would far rival the $12 cigars today.
      Finding those hidden gems is what it’s all about..

  4. pete

    just enjoy the cigar and company

    • 9cigars

      That’s the spirit.

  5. karen

    In being mindful of the ladies remember that some of us do actually know Cigars so unless I ask for your help picking out a cigar please force your opinions on me.

    • 9cigars

      Great point, Karen!

  6. Marc

    Don’t put your mouth on the cap before using the public cutter.

    • 9cigars

      That is a bit disgusting, Marc. Good call.

  7. Robert

    Enjoy the establishment have a drink with a great cigar and just relax!

    • 9cigars

      Good call, Robert.

  8. Mike

    Don’t be a slob. You are not at home and we’re not your momma. Clean up after yourself. Don’t leave your trash behind and don’t roll your ash on the top edge of the ashtray. From a lounge operator.

    • 9cigars

      Great point Mike!

  9. buddy

    If you’re a novice, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The best way to learn is to ask.

    • 9cigars

      Completely agree.

  10. Cip

    Don’t act like you know everything about cigars, cutters, lighters and such … cause you don’t! Reading two magazines and few online post doesn’t make you a master … you have a long way till there.

    • 9cigars

      Makes sense. Thanks Cip.

  11. Mike Thomas

    When going to a cigar bar, be sure to try a brand, size, or flavor you’ve not tried before. Likely you’ve already got a humidor of your favorites at home and can enjoy those anytime. Trying different cigars outside your comfort zone may help you discover new possibilities you’d never considered.

    • 9cigars

      Great tip, Mike.

  12. Cigar Hero

    Don’t tell everyone that you only smoke cuban cigars! it will only show that you do not truly enjoy the experience and wonderment of all cigars!!

  13. if i give you short answers its obvious i dont feel like talking anymore, let me be , i have things on my mind, that includes the person workin behind the counter

    if i give you short answers and not looking at you please stop talking to me, that includes person behind desk, i have things on my mind and just want to relax and think, not to be rude of course , small talk then leave me be

    • 9cigars


  14. Snappy Bigman

    Please and Thank You….never are out of style…just sayin

    • 9cigars

      Great point!

  15. Steve Will

    Dress to impress! Cigars and success go hand in hand, you never know what connections you can make!

    • 9cigars

      Very true Steve! Cigar smokers tend to enjoy doing business with other cigar smokers. Good call.

  16. Jay

    I agree with all but one can bring his own cigar

    • 9cigars

      Thanks for weighing in, Jay.

    • William

      I agree that you can bring your own cigar, but I also believe that for every cigar brought in, one should purchase at least one but preferably two sticks.

      Let’s keep our Cigar Shops/Bars open. It is obviously cheaper to purchase online, but if you plan on visiting a shop/bar and enjoying their hospitality, plan on spending some money.

      I have worked for several cigar shops and bars in FL, and there are many people who bring cigars from online retailers and hang out all day without spending any money.

      Please keep in mind that the proprietor of the shop, set up an environment of comfort for their patrons.

      Happy Smoking everyone!!!!

      • 9cigars

        Good perspective, William. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Americo

    A wise, old gent at the lounge I’m a member of once told me…”Never light up with a Bic lighter”…”Wine’s for cheese and dinner not for good cigar smoke”…and “Leave the flavored cigars for the ladies”…Rules for a cigar-smoking gent to smoke by…at least they’ve worked for me.

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